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It is with deep respect and gratitude that we reach out to share a significant update with you. After 73 cherished years, Ken-Del Productions will be closing its doors. This decision marks the end of an era and comes with a profound appreciation for the relationships we've built with you, our valued customers.


Ken-Del has been more than a company; it has been a collaborative partner to a community of incredible talent. The trust you placed in us to handle your masterpieces has been the cornerstone of our long-standing success.


As we approach the final days, we want to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible for you. If you have master recordings stored with us, we invite you to retrieve them on or before December 29th. Our dedicated team is ready to assist in coordinating the safe return of your work.


Please contact us at (302) 999-1111 to arrange a suitable time for collection or if you have any inquiries. We are committed to supporting you through this period with the utmost care.


We can't thank you enough for bringing your business and creativity to Ken-Del Productions. The legacy of what we've created together will endure well beyond our last day. May your future endeavors be filled with success and innovation.

Latest News

Latest News

In Session
Multi-Camera Live Streaming Now Available

Live from Studio B, it's multi-camera streaming featuring Canon HD video cameras, Roland HDMI switching, and Soundcraft digital audio recording! Perfect for virtual church services or other concert performances

Clifford Brown Jazz Festival Live Streamed from Ken-Del Studios

Sure, we were in the midst of a pandemic! But that didn't stop Cityfest from holding the 33rd annual Clifford Brown Jazz Festival. The festival featured over 80 artists during it's four days (June 24-27, 2020) and was streamed live from Ken-Del Studios A&B rooms.

Johnny Neel Songwriting Clinic

Ken-Del Studios is proud to have hosted Grammy nominated songwriter and former Allman Brother Johnny Neel for a songwriting clinic in Ken-Del's Studio B. The 80 plus member audience was given an inside look at Neel's unique writing style as well as entertained by an intimate performance from Johnny on our Kawai concert grand piano. Check out video of his performance here.

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