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Ken-Del Studios offers a variety of compact disc duplication services to fit your individual needs and budget. Below are some of our most popular CD duplication packages. Looking for something not listed? Call us at (302) 999-1111 for your custom quote.

Short Run CD Duplication

No need to run off a thousand CDs when you only need a few! Includes graphic design, black thermal printing directly on disc, 4/1 laser printed inserts (color outside, b/w in), 4/0 laser printed traycards (color print on outside only), packaged in a standard jewel box. Standard turnaround time is 2 to 3 business days.


CDs with 2 page inserts

25 for $121

50 for $182

100 for $289


CDs with 4 page inserts

25 for $125

50 for $190

100 for $299

Large Run CD Replication

Get that major label look and feel from Ken-Del's large run CD replication service! All packages include FREE UPC bar code, glass mastering, full color screen printing directly on disc, offset printed packaging or inserts, CD label film output, PDF proofs, and poly shrink wrap. Graphic deisgn services are available. Call for details. All pricing is FOB our NJ replication plant. Call for shipping rates.

Final order quantity may vary +/- 5%, with billing only for actual pieces received within that industry standard tolerance.


1000 CDs in Jewel Boxes

Industry standard jewel boxes with 4 page offset printed 4/1 inserts and 4/0 traycards.


1000 CDs in 5" Mini Jackets

The lightweight and low cost alternative to traditional CD packaging. Perfect for your next EP or promo kit.


1000 CDs in 4 panel Digipaks

This eco-friendly alternative to the jewel case is fast becoming the packaging of choice for independent artists everywhere.


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CD Duplication/Replication

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