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Console: API 1608 with 16 channel expander


Microphones: Neumann U67 (2), Neumann TLM103, Neumann TLM193 (4), Neumann KM184 (2), AKG C414BLS (2), AKG D112 (4), RCA 44BX (2), RCA 77DX (2), RCA BK5A, ElectroVoice RE20 (2), ElectroVoice 635A (2), Shure SM5B, Shure 55A, Shure SM58, Shure SM57 (4)

PreAmps: Grace Design M101 (4), John Hardy M-1 (8), ART ProChannel II (2)


Dynamics: Universal Audio 2-1176 (2), dbx 160 (4), API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor, API 525 Compressor (2), API 527 Compressor (2), Altec 436C Compressor, tc electronic Finalizer Plus 96k, Western Electric 1126 Limiter, Allison Research Gain Brain (2), Allison Research Kepex (2), Urei Platform Noise Gates (4)


Equalization: API 550A Parametric EQ (24), API 560 Graphic EQ (8), Pultec EQP-1A, Urei Platform Parametric EQs (3), Urei 565 “Little Dipper” Filter Set, Altec 1653B Graphic EQ (2)


Effects: Eventide H3000B, Eventide H300-D/SX, Lexicon 300L, MicMix Audio Master Room Reverb, Fairchild 658 Spring Reverb (2), Ursa Major SST-282 Space Station


Recording: ProTools HD, Stephens Electronics 812B 2” MTR, Tascam MSR-16 1” MTR, Otari MX5050 1/4” ATR


Monitoring: Genelec 1031A (2), Avantone Mix Cubes (2), Furman HDS-6 (18)

Keyboards: Kawai Concert Grand Piano, Hammond B2 with Tone Cabinet, 1977 Rhodes Seventy Three Stage Piano, 1973 Rhodes Eighty  Eight Stage Piano,  Oxygen 49 Controller

Drums: Yamaha Stage Custom, Tama Superstar, Pearl Export, Latin Percussion congas, various hand percussion

Amplifiers: Roland JC120, Vox AD100VT, Fender Princeton Reverb, Fender Frontman 212A, Marshall 2098 with 4x12 cabinet, Marshall Valvestate 80V, Marshall MG50DFX, Peavey Bandit 65, Peavey KB60, Ampeg BA-115, Acoustic B200H with 6x10 cabinet

Guitars: Fender Stratocaster, Fender Pawn Shop P51, Epiphone SG, ESP LTD S-style, Takamine acoustic, Ovation electric/acoustic, Fender 12 string acoustic, Fender Precision bass, Squire Precision bass, Dean Hollywood Z bass, Dean  EAB fretless electric/acoustic bass, BC electric/acoustic bass

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