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Liam Burgess has been with Ken-Del Productions since 1983. Initially Liam was responsible for the day to day operations of Ken-Del's film and tape storage operations as well as our rental and duplication divisions. He was instrumental in overseeing the design and construction of our current facilities and took over as president and general manager in 2014.

Producer/Engineer Paul Janocha

Ken-Del's general manager, Bill Burgess, with Grammy award winner "Weird Al" Yankovic after a session for Cartoon Network.

Going into a recording studio to make a CD can be an overwhelming experience. That's why it is so important to be comfortable with and trust the person behind the controls. Ken-Del's chief recording engineer, Paul Janocha, knows all about that. Paul is himself a musician, having played guitar and bass in various local bands over the past thirty years (Face Down, Last in Line, and, most notably, his annual Christmas project, Yes Virginia).


Paul grew up in a very large, very musical family. From early on, he was exposed to the great rock acts of the 70’s thanks to his older brothers (several of whom are musicians), classical music by his older sister (an accomplished pianist) and even polkas and operettas by his parents. From all this grew a love and appreciation of music in all forms.


He began honing his recording skills on a four track cassette recorder, using the recordings of the Beatles and the Beach Boys as inspiration ("If they could make music like that with only four tracks, so could I"). Paul studied audio recording at Newark Delaware's Sound Lab Studio under the instruction of Roger Hoilman and later he continued his education at Philadelphia's Kajem/Victory Studios under the instruction of John Smeltz. Paul logged many hours as a freelance engineer at such facilities as Sound Lab and Ohm Studios in Wilmington.


In 1988, he came on board with Ken-Del Productions and spent 13 years here before departing for Side Door Studio in early 2001 to become their new chief recording engineer. Janocha returned to Ken-Del in the spring of 2003 to resume his post as chief engineer/producer. "Ken-Del has raised the bar for the local music scene, offering the very best in both vintage and state-of-the art facilities. I'm very excited to be a part of their future."


Paul's discography includes such names as Jimmy Buffett, Dionne Warwick, "Weird Al" Yankovic, jazz legend Donald Byrd, Maxine Jones (En Vogue), the Temptations, Grammy nominee Johnny Neel (the Allman Brothers), Tony Award winner Melba Moore, Billboard R&B chart topper Glenn Jones, world renown violinist David Ragsdale (Kansas, Queensryche, Smashing Pumpkins) and 80's MTV staple Berlin, as well as scores of local independent artists including Tommy Conwell, Nik Everett, members of the Hooters, Ike, Omnisoul,  Matt Sevier, and many, many more.


In addition to his studio credentials, he also has a great deal of experience in live sound reinforcement, artist management and promotion. To find out how Paul can put his experience to work for you, contact him by calling (302) 999-1111 or via e-mail at

Paul with five time Grammy award winner Dionne Warwick.

Seven time Grammy nominee Maxine Jones from the group En Vogue after a session in Ken-Del Studios with enginner Paul Janocha.

Paul with David Ragsdale, violinist for the multi-platinum band, Kansas

After a session with the Grammy nominated songwriter and keyboardist for the Allman Brothers Band, Johnny Neel.

President & General Manager William "Liam" Burgess

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