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Studio A

Ken-Del's Studio A is a large 33'x48' live room designed to deliver massive drums for rock tracks or concert hall acoustics for your piano. This John Storyk designed room features variable acoustic wall panels and custom diffusors on the scalloped ceiling and back wall. Two isolation booths in the rear provide tighter ambience for recording your vocals, guitars, horns, etc.

Studio B

Studio B is Ken-Del's sound stage, perfect for recording live video, band rehearsals, or special events. It features a split-level 24'x12' stage with concert lighting and full PA, Pro Tools audio recording, and HD video recording. 

Centered around a 56 input Sony DMX-R100 digital console and featuring Genelec monitors and Pro Tools recording, Studio C is a smaller, more intimate setting for use as an editing and vocal overdub suite.


Studio C

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